Presenting your home for sale / let

Presenting your home for sale / let

We’d like to share our experience of what works best when presenting your home for sale / let.

The first step is to try to detach yourself emotionally from the property and think objectively. Easier said than done we know, but if you are able to it will help you make rational decisions throughout the whole selling / letting process.

Kerb Appeal.  Smarten the front facade of your property and the gardens as much as possible. That first impression is crucial, both in marketing photographs and when people approach the property for viewings.

The Hallway.  In the same way as the kerb appeal is important, so is your hallway. A bright and smart looking hallway should immediately create a positive reaction in viewers of your home.

De-clutter.  It’s not necessary to go all out ‘minimalist’, however rooms tend to have more impact with fewer, carefully chosen items in them, and they will generally look and feel more spacious and relaxing.

Let there be light.  A sense of light is extremely appealing to most potential buyers. Allow as much natural light as possible into the property. In rooms with little natural light, a couple of carefully chosen lamps can do wonders.

Add some sparkle.  Almost goes without saying, but try to keep the property as clean and tidy as possible. Make sure the lawn has been mowed and the borders weeded. A little extra effort here can make all the difference.

The sweet smell of success.  Smokers and pet owners should make a concerted effort to deodorize/freshen their homes. Non-smokers and non-pet owners are more acutely aware of these things and the smell of ‘Pine Glades’, fresh flowers or yes….fresh coffee are much more appealing.

If you follow these tips you will certainly be giving yourselves a much improved chance of achieving a sale / let, and possibly at a better price.