Improving your EPC rating

Improving your EPC rating

Each and every UK building, whether they’re up for buying or renting, must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

An EPC survey can be carried out quite easily. It’ll help you find ways to save money on bills and improve the overall efficiency of your home.

Starting from April 1st 2018, it’s now illegal to let out a property that doesn’t comply with the minimum performance rating (E).

But what is an EPC?

When you purchase a new appliance, you’ll notice it has a coloured sticker on it. It’s what lets you know how energy efficient the appliance is. It’s exactly the same for buildings, each one has an EPC rating from A (the most efficient) – G (the least efficient). The rating lets you know how costly it is to both warm up and cool down your home.

It also lets you gain insight into how you can make your home more cost-efficient.

An EPC rating is required even if you aren’t renting out or selling your home; you can then figure out how efficient your home really is.

So what can you do to boost your EPC rating?

  • Install roof insulation – this usually remains effective for at least 40 years.
  • Examine at your windows – could they be further insulated?
  • Inspect your walls for cavities and fix them (if there are any) to reduce the risk of air infiltration.
  • If you use halogen light, replace it with LED light or compact fluorescent light.
  • Install modern temperature controls, like a thermostat.
  • Look at your appliances and see if you can replace them with ones that have higher energy ratings.
  • Consider implementing ways to obtain renewable energy, like solar panels.

By raising your EPC rating, you offer yourself not just a law abiding sale or let, but a selling point, as well as saving on your own bills while you’re living there. It’s a win, win!

For more tips on raising your EPC rating, or if you’re not sure whether you can let or sell your home as it is, get in contact for advice from our experts.