Essential small space organisation tips

Essential small space organisation tips

Maximise your property this month and make the most of every room with these helpful tips and creative ideas.

Small spaces don’t need to lack creativity or design flair and in actual fact can have the biggest character of them all. Begin by taking a good look at all your belongings. Whatever you can live without, donate to charity, sell or discard. It can be difficult to decide what to get rid off but if you haven’t used or worn something in a year, then you won’t miss it. Then with the items you are keeping, decide where they should be stored in advance. 

Out of season clothing and home accessories can be placed on high shelves or under the bed whereas items that you use frequently should be placed in convenient and accessible locations. Over the door storage can make tremendous use of space.

The bathroom is a common place for clutter. Cabinets, wicker baskets, bon-bon jars and wall-mounted racks can all be used to hold personal toiletries and instead of storing extra toilet rolls by the toilet, why not invest in an on-trend basket? Likewise, if you have numerous half empty shampoo bottles, begin using them up and bin as you go.

In the living room, TV units and entertainment systems are practical ways to combine equipment and accessories. Look for a unit with draws and shelves to make the most of your space and remember if you haven’t got space to go sideways, then consider going upwards. Likewise, if your kitchen and living room back onto each other then room dividers are an excellent choice and you can accessorise with pretty vases and glassware.

Using small stacking side tables instead of big coffee tables, which eat up a room, is another simple yet effective design tip for small rooms. Being able to move things around makes you feel less cramped and gives you more variety. Get creative with storage – think baskets under bed and wicker baskets on shelves to hide unsightly belongings. Make use of every inch of space and take a look at unique storage options. Any space can be enhanced with additional storage and under the stairs always have awkward extra space, waiting to be used.

Organisation is not an odd job that gets completed every other weekend but it is a lifestyle. If you get into the habit of putting things away immediately, you’ll be more content with your living space and will have more space.

Small spaces are often seen as a nuisance yet with the right design you can make the most of every area in your home. Remember they do say the best things come in small packages…