Essential advice when buying a home from a distance

Essential advice when buying a home from a distance
Our beautiful area attracts visitors from far and wide – with Dreamland nearby, incredible historical attractions, and the pull of the seaside.  As popular as it is with tourists, Thanet also attracts buyers from across the UK and even overseas.  Should you be thinking of making Thanet your home, we would like to offer you some essential advice on buying a home from a distance.
Technology has made finding a home from afar so much easier; now you can search online for properties but also gain insight into different areas.  It is essential, however, that you take time to research the local area and its surroundings thoroughly. You can discover a lot about an area by interacting with local people; join forums and also ask questions on local Facebook pages.
Just as you would think about the criteria of the home you wish to buy locally before you start your search, so should you when buying from a distance.  However, we can often be more open with our thinking when buying from further afield; when you know a place thoroughly, you tend to have a more critical eye.
Viewing properties will not be as easy, driving or flying over every time you see a property you like the look of may not be practical.  Therefore, decide from the start what is most important to you, and give us a call.  We can start the search on your behalf and advise you on what properties might meet your needs.  When you’re able to visit, we can put together a selection of homes for you to view, thus helping you make the most out of your visit.
When you visit the area, remember you’re not just buying a property but you’re also buying into the neighbourhood.  Spend some time exploring each location, discover its perks and amenities, and, most importantly, how it makes you feel.  Is commutability important?  Test out your journey to work in rush hour to see if it’s something you could live with in the long term, as moving home is stressful enough without adding to it.
Work and property are just part of life, though, does the property and area meet your family’s lifestyle needs too?  Do your children have hobbies they wish to continue and are there classes close by?  We don’t think you’ll be disappointed with what Thanet has to offer, there is such a wealth of cultural and leisure activities bursting out of every corner.
If you’re thinking of moving to Thanet, don’t do it alone. Oakwood Homes are here to support you to make sure you not only find the right property but also the perfect place for you and your family to call home.