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Things to Avoid When Negotiating a Property Buying Price

However, it’s important not to let your lack of negotiating experience be your downfall. When you find a property that you love, you’ll want to ... Read More

Why has my mortgage application been declined?

Mortgage declined on affordability Debt When you apply for your mortgage, your affordability is tested. This includes looking into any current debt you ... Read More

Who’s Choosing Your Home?

94% of estate agents polled in a recent survey* confirmed that, in most house-hunting couples or families, it is the woman who has the last ... Read More

Tips for Upsizing

What are my needs? The first thing you need to figure out is what your budget will be, along with your expectations in terms ... Read More

When does your new house become a home?

The in-depth research of UK homebuyers, found that it takes an average of 4 months for a new house to feel like home and that ... Read More

The wonders of parquet

There's no denying it, there's something rather special about parquet wood flooring. Radiating elegance and sophistication, it can't help but get noticed. Once eye-wateringly expensive, ... Read More

Interior design tips to help sell

With the winter weather (hopefully) soon to give way to better weather, it's time for many home owners to focus their energies on selling up. ... Read More

Top tips for moving with children

It’s commonly known that the most frequently-occurring accidents happen in the home, and the last thing you want is for them to happen part-way through ... Read More

Helping the homeless

‘No pain no gain’ was the cry from Robert Lear of Oakwood homes while enduring his charity chest wax off in aid of Porchlight, the ... Read More

CGI takes on Britain's dream home in a series of ...

Two fifths of us covet a custom-built house, but what would it look like? GoCompare Mortgages has revealed the features most in demand for ‘Britain’s ... Read More